our little girl is growing up so fast!

Eden Sofia is getting so big! I still remember the exact moment she was placed on my chest four years ago – blue-faced and so quiet….skilled hands safely delivered her even with the cord wrapped around her neck. Her precious life is a miracle and she is an amazing gift to our family. Turning four feels like a milestone to me – almost overnight she seems like a mature little girl. She is full of spunk & joy – and her playful spirit pervades everything she is. Her outlook on life is a breath of fresh air! Everything she does is full of imagination and wonder! She loves to jump or run or bounce everywhere – and she keeps us on our toes. She loves being outside, shopping at the market, riding her scooter or running at the park. She is already eager to write and spell like her Jiejie (姐姐 big sister)!

This year she requested a butterfly party – so we got creative! Eden does not like lots of attention – so we invited 3 little girls over for games, learning crafts & butterfly dancing. Each little girl went home with butterfly antennae, a purple skirt and colorful wings! I admit that the prep was a bit time-consuming – but I started early and the kids loved having their own butterfly costume to take home. I also loved having a smaller party, which helped Eden not get too overwhelmed. I love that each of our girls are so unique in their personalities and loves. We are incredibly blessed with our sweet 4-year-old who is growing into a beautiful & imaginative little girl!!
Elvira, Asia, Amina, Sydney, Jennifer, Eden!