Longs Marine Lab - Seymour Center

I remember visiting here when I was little: touching all the anemones and starfish, and seeing seals & dolphins in the big pools too. I grew up in such an incredible spot on this planet, surrounded by marine life, oceans & beaches & forests: such rich learning opportunities at my fingertips! So, in our final week in America - we decided to take advantage of the free day @ Longs Marine Lab (UCSC's research center) and learn more about Marine life with great buddies too.
Outside there is a HUGE skeleton of a whale - and statues of elephant seals to climb on. You can walk along the cliffs and eat lunch at one of their picnic tables. Or if you want a real tour - you can schedule one in the afternoon. Inside the Lab, there are stations to learn about different aspects of marine life. The girls loved the tanks of fish & seastars, and also the touch-pools. Sydney bravely held another hermit crab! Asia loved feeling the colorful starfish (her fave was the Jewel Star) & even the otter fur!!
Top to bottom: Jewel Star, Bat Star, Leather Star. See, we learned something??
goodbye ocean and marine life. We will miss you!!