ice sculptures!

This afternoon daddy took A&E downtown to see the ice sculptures. This is an annual attraction in one of the main squares - and the cold temps allow for the ice sculptures to stay intact for most of the month. Ice Sculpting is an incredible art - and its amazing to see the intricate detail that goes into each sculpture. China is well-known for its massive ice sculptures in the north-eastern city of Harbin. You can see other pictures here.

As for our small city of 4 million: Here are a few picts!
This shows part of the "Great Wall" behind the galloping horses.
This is a wall of ice - with a dragon carved into it. In front of the wall, there are smaller statues of dancers & musicians from different minority groups.
Also, there was a tall slide of slick ice that kids could slide down in tubes, as well as an ice skating area. We might try and go back on a day that isn't so cold, and we can all go.