final hugs with friends & fam

Our final week in America was jam packed with visits to friends homes, getting outdoors, phone calls, and of course packing our belongings into eight 50-pound suitcases. This requires heaps of skill to find the right combination of clothing, books & extras to fit snugly into one suitcase. I think I married well, since Justin is a master packer.

The girls also had their fill of friends, princess parties & love. Literally - every night of the week was booked, as well as most mornings out too! Justin & I managed to fit in one final boys-night out & girls-night too. This might be the reason I got sick (a nasty flu/cold?), just being so frazzled with the last minute things to get done. I hope you didn't catch anything from me!?

Either way, it was worth it!! We finished the packing and said our goodbyes in time for our Sunday flight to the Orient. Thanks to our sendoff crew & rides to the airport. We love you guys, and we know our leaving is most-times harder for those we leave behind.

Know that your relationships are priceless to us, and that we will do our best to stay close! I know we always mention this, but please come visit!! We'd love to share more of this place we call home in China. Thanks for making our visit to America grand! Zai jian!!