off to class

Being in Colorado for 2+ weeks, Asia & Eden got to attend a small Preschool on a daily basis. The kids ranged in age from 2-5 – and Asia was their eldest pupil. Each day there was about 10-12 kids, with 2 teachers. The girls were timid at first, but grew very attached to their teacher Miss Rachel, an amazing German girl with increidble creativity & energy. They learned new songs, listened intently & followed directions, made new friends, learned to cooperate, went to gymnastics class and even make pumpkin pie. I am glad they had this opportunity to see what "school" is like firsthand, to show respect for their teacher, play & grow alongside other children and also develop some independence/autonomy away from mom & dad. I am sure it helps grow their identity too. They really have loved going to “class.”

When we move back to China, we will dive back into our home-schooling curriculum again - but for now, we are surrounded with so many new and diverse ways to learn on a daily basis. Its just wonderful to see the girls enjoy learning and laughing with other kids that speak their language.