My one birthday request was to go camping as a family! We drove up north along the coast, and cut inland at Pescadero – where we camped at San Mateo County Memorial Park, a place I had gone as a kid heaps. We missed the Labor Day frenzy, and ended up with a quiet and empty campground!! It was a bit eerie, but perfect for the kids. They could be as loud and rambunctious as they wanted, without bothering fellow campers!!

We got to take Mom & Joe’s truck & camper – which never really appealed to me, until we tried it! It’s heavenly. It’s not hardcore tent camping, but we managed to rough it in other ways. The girls had tea parties with dirt & sticks, and we climbed lots of tree trunks while exploring the trails.
We skipped rocks in the creek and waded thru shallow waters. We rode the tricycle, washed dishes as a family, and ate plenty of S’mores. We even had an ABC scavenger hunt and made friends with all the blue Jays & squirrels. And in the course of 4 days, we all showered once!

Justin & I stayed up late near the campfire, until raccoons ravaged thru the campsites and scared us silly. I was thankful for the camper, when they began scavenging thru dumpsters and making a racket.
It was such a great bonding time for all of us – nice to feel like a family and taking care of one another…in the middle of the beauty of nature. Learning, loving, exploring, and taking each day as it came, no big plans – just being together!