hiking at Nan Shan 南山

About an hour+ outside the city - you leave behind all the skyscrapers & exhaust fumes....into the wide spacious grasslands & majestic mountains scraping the clouds overhead. Its a beautiful escape from traffic and concrete!! The kids did amazing on the hike over the steep rocky hill, and down into a small valley where we ate a picnic lunch. Auntie Jenny did great too (actually she always had at least one kid attached to her at all times!).

Eating our picnic on a rock next to the stream...so peaceful.

Picking wildflowers (花 huā) with daddy

Making a bouquet (簇 cù)

An attempt at a family photo (照片 zhàopiān).
This is about as good as it gets!

On our way home....tired feet!

Highlights: the waterfall, beautiful clean air, seeing horses & cows, chocolate cupcakes & chicken salad, having Jenny with us, and the Skittle Tree (real Skittle bags fall from the tree when you hit it with a rock!).