Chinese buddies

We came home late one evening, and a bunch of kids were running around the walkway outside - and our girls jumped right in (with a little nudge). They were screaming and giggling along with the rest of the kids, having a grand ol' time. Asia really loved playing with Gao Yun Fei 高云飞, Yao Yao 遥遥 and Yang Zi 样子, (the three girls to her left). They ran around holding each others' hands, hardly able to contain their excitement! During the summer, lots of kids stay out late playing outside, since the temp's cool down when the sun sets. All these kids were about the same age, and so sweet to each other. Aren't they precious?

We played outside again tonight - and Asia figured out how to pedal her bike! She was riding up and down the long driveway, smiling huge! This was a great accomplishment in her life! Wahoo!