Happy International Women's Day!!

I got phone calls today from two local guys, wishing me "Happy Women's Day!" How sweet that they think to give ME a call....this is a cherished holiday here in China. People all over are buying bouquets of flowers for the women in their lives - and honoring those they adore.

Every March 8th, thousands of events are held worldwide to celebrate women & the history of their achievements over the past 9 decades. I was never quite aware of this holiday until we moved here. Most of our local friends wish me "Happy Women's Day" wherever we go, which is nice to feel affirmed & celebrated across the globe. This holiday has a rich history (since 1909) commemorating the struggle for equality, justice, peace & development of women in every society.

Here in China, most women have the day off of work (or half day) to relax or enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes the men will prepare meals & do all the chores. Almost everyone gives flowers to their moms & daughters. Many others here in China choose to encourage & give back to their society.

Since today was Saturday <and beautiful outside> we all bundled up and went for a walk around campus. It was a very refreshing and restful day for all of us! The weather has been warming up, and we see the excitement of Spring peeking thru the leftover ice. It will come soon!