eating kebabs

Mutton kebabs (烤羊肉 kǎo yángròu) can be found on almost any street or bazaar in Xinjiang, and they are the most common treat when out-and-about town. They are barbecued on a long, open metal grill over hot coal on long metal skewers. The meat is cooked over the heat while the vendor fans the charcoal to quicken the process. They are turned constantly, rendering them crispy & yet tender. The kebabs are seasoned with spices (cumin, chili pepper, salt) and served sizzling hot. They cost about 1-2 yuan (14-18 cents) each.

In our family - Asia & Ali are the kebab fans, minus any fat chunks. Its taken Asia 2 years to master her technique, but as you can tell - she knows how to clean a skewer with the best of 'em.