Can we plan your next vacation?!!

I'm sure many of you are wondering what do do for your next getaway or family vacation!! Well, we have THEE option for you: A historic journey along the famous Silk Road!!

Even the experts recommend this famous route as the "granddaddy" of all trips, along the old trading routes of Marco Polo and many other historical figures. Follow these footsteps and experience the extreme climates & terrain. You can book a high-speed train, a sleeper-train, bumpy buses, ride a bike or pack your own Bactrian camel!! Traverse the desert roads through the wild west of Xinjiang (China) and onward to Pakistan if you so desire. You can stroll thru Buddhist grotto's or beautiful grape vineyards, take a dip in glacial-melt lakes in the Tianshan mountains, barter at the famous Kashgar Sunday bazaar, eat spicy kebabs, and experience the rich blend of cultures along the way. We would love to introduce you to the land we love - and be your tour guides! Let us know when you are ready to plan your adventure! We will be here for ya, with our camels packed.