wedded bliss

A few days ago I received a call from a new Uyhgur girlfriend. I have only met her in person twice. She is wonderful - really friendly & outgoing. The first time we had her over for dinner we clicked right away (She is the same girl whose father had some heart issues during Korban). Anyhow, she called to tell me she was engaged! ....oh, and getting married on Tuesday night! Quick engagement, yet a nice way to bring in the New Year I imagine. So, we made a fun card and bundled up last night for her wedding. I was quite excited to have the honor of going to a cultural affair like this (just Asia & I). It was below zero outside, so we wore many layers, trying our hardest to look "nice" for the wedding. My camera battery died within a few minutes, so here are all the pictures I got before it died (sniff sniff).

Here is a few ladies at my table. They were all decked out in furs (long coats, hats, shawls, muffs, and more), with beautiful sparkly head coverings & shawls. Everyone had bright makeup and tall leather boots. I wish I had more pictures to show ya. And yes, this young girl has crimped hair. Maybe that is why her mother is staring at her. She was quite fashionable. We sat and ate bread, sangzi, fruit, nuts & sweets until the bride & groom made their appearance.
Here they are!! A man there told me that this was not a very traditional Uyghur wedding, but more a formality. I guess with only 1 week to plan, its hard to pull off a major event like this. I can't imagine planning my wedding in one week. My friend was so beautiful! Her husband is neat too - very talkative and kind. They both speak great English, so we look forward to seeing them more. This picture does not do the guy justice, but this is how they pose for photos. Men do not smile much for picts. :)
This is a special photo of the bride raising her veil. Isn't she cute? Her entire gown was beaded and edged in lace. Her hair was dyed black, and sprayed with heaps of glitter - topped with a wreath of silk flowers.

And because my camera died...all I have is one picture of Asia plugging her ears because of the loud Uyghur music. There was a full band playing all the incredible Uyghur instruments with live vocals. It was pretty extravagant and festive.

If any of the guests danced they were given a doppa hat or scarf (men & women). Asia loved watching all the glitzy glam, and especially the cultural dancing towards the end.

And here is a sweet little one, dancing on the dance floor all by herself - twirling and moving her arms with such precious care. Too bad she saw me snap this picture. I am so glad Asia got to be part of this special event too.