beautiful feet

Standing in airport lines, carrying luggage and kiddos in arms, walking streets of cobblestone, along the promenade, tiptoeing around koi ponds, climbing steps and crossing bridges, tripping on my shoe (ouch!), jumping onto a ferry boat, dashing onto elevators & escalators – a favorite ride. Taxi rides & hotel floors, and finally to the SAND!!
Tentative yet fearful steps, only to retreat with nervousness. By day #3 we greet the sand with joy and love the feeling between our toes. Sand, shells, crabs and sea….all these things have been beneath me. Splishing, splashing, stomping, leaping….will this beauty end? Running, digging, charging waves with bravery, trampling sand castles, and building again, in horse stirrups along a bumpy beach, and chasing after an elephant! Jumping in the waves, or jumping over scurrying hermit crabs....my feet have been exploring! Beautiful feet, and hand in hand - fun family adventures.

Did we mention that these fake-Crocs are quite comfortable?