the funk* of winter

The winter can be very dreary out here. I don't mean to complain - but it gets kinda depressing. The air outside smells of coal plants and the skies are hazy & gray. I personally get headaches & sore throats when I am outside for a long time, so I know it can't be that great for my health.

Hence, I am feeling a bit of funk*. I figured it out yesterday that this weather just brings on the funk. It's so ugly, polluted, black-coal-smoke-and-soot, depressing, you're homebound, hibernatory, suffocating in hot apartments, deadness, gray snow, smoggy, blurry skies, monotonous and stir-crazy kiddos (all the descriptive words I could think of). Not the best combination for this momma. Its easy to feel like a prisoner in your apartment, with no views of life & nature, difficulty to connect with the outside world - because everyone pretty much stays put, unless they HAVE to go out. I have a few New Years resolutions that are keeping me reading good books, which might be the only thing keeping me sane. :) Oh - and the beautiful fact that we are leaving in 5 days for warmer weather, and somewhat clearer skies. Asia says, "Five more sleeps Mom!!," which is how she gages time.

We have been planning a family getaway for some time. We will be visiting friends near Bangkok - and staying near the beach!! Its not the pristine white sandy areas - but beach nonetheless! I hope the girls will overcome their fears of water & sandy toes, and that we can relax along the seashore for a bit. My albino whiteness is crying out for sun!! I can't wait to sit IN the water: float, swim, submerge, soak, and melt away the funk. Maybe I will just camp on the sand. :) Not to worry - we have heaps of 30+ SPF, large brimmed hats, and we don't consider ourselves sunbathers.

We also need to visit doctors, dentists, and eat some spicy Pad Thai. Initially this trip was planned to change our visas over to Business (Z) Visa....but things might change. These details are up in the air as of today! This week will determine.
*FYI: the funk is not only cured by beach getaways.