Armenia clan : part 3

Our last few days spent with our sweet family was so FULL!!  We filled every moment to the brim with as much love & joy & life that we possibly could.  The cousins were more like sisters at this point!!  We barely slept - not wanting to miss an extra minute wasted on sleep. I know, we are crazy like that.

We took the kiddos to People's Park - romped around bouncy castles and climbed huge climbing walls.  But they mostly liked the cartoony balloons that they brought home for 1 kuai! 

The girls had slumber parties each night, with special hour-long bedtime stories by uncle Jason.  Bedtime became such an exciting adventure - to find out what would become of the 4 heroine princesses (Diana, Trudy, Ethel & Gertrude).  Our girls still remember every detail of his creative tales.

We spent one full day @ the Xinjiang Zoo - which is more like a desert safari!  There were lots of interesting animals living in wide, open habitats - even though they might not enjoy the desert heat!  The kids had fun watching the ostriches, camels, tigers, bears, and the monkeys too. 

I love these two!!

Aren't these girls so CUTE??
We also took the girls go-cart riding @ Nan Gong Yuan, which was a huge highlight.  Jason drove with Jordan & Sydney, while Justin drove the course with Asia & Eden.  The girls were so happy to get behind a steering wheel and go fast.  It was pretty sweet to watch their excitement! 

Goodbyes are always hard....but we are so thankful for the amazing adventures we got to share in 8 magical days in Xinjiang.  Who knows where we will see you guys next!!?