Armenia clan : part 2

It was only 8 jam-packed days of both McNabb clans together - but we got to show them some of the best parts of our life out here. One afternoon we piled 4 families (11 kids!) into our delivery vehicles and drove about 15 minutes outside the city into the hills. A few months ago we stumbled upon this random dirt road - and followed it just for fun. It has become a special "quick getaway spot" when we were needing a break from city life.

We drove everyone out to the spot - brought pizza, salad and marshmallows. We hiked the dusty hillsides, and saw horses and a huge flock of sheep. We built a bonfire and just enjoyed this place we call home. The kids had great fun running free, and even Madi got to take a little walk to follow some sheep. She was so excited. I just adore this little one!!

It was great to share another side of our life with them - the friends we have made out here, and some of the ways we try to recharge. I think they are getting a pretty accurate taste of what life is like out here - and all the beauty, joys, challenges and dirt too. At least we hope so!!
(Yes it was dirty and poop was everywhere, but we loved it.)

Thankful for
The chance to be together
An amazing sunset over the hills
Being an auntie to these precious girls
Flocks of sheep that live in this desert place
Kids running free
Deep friendship

(more to come)