anniversary trip...

We got on a bus bound for the mountains without a care in the world. Only 38 kuai ($4.50)!

We stayed at a wonderful friends' mountain retreat ~ inside this small townhome community. We were right at the foot of the NanShan mountains!

We ate outside, went hiking and played with the little ones. It was so relaxing and wonderful. Here are the 2 little Uyghur girls that I got to spend some time with up there. They are 1 & 3 years old ~ such little beauties!

We even made a huge American breakfast for the staff on our 2nd day. So funny - that while on a short vacation, we still cooked and played with kids! For some strange reason, it was still very restful and energizing. It was nice to give our minds a break! I am so thankful for this chance to get out of city with my love, and have time to reflect and reminisce and dream. We needed it!!