yurting 2011 ~ in pictures

Time to get out of the city and explore the Tian Shan mountains!  
But first, a quick roadside stop for some delicious Xinjiang melons.

Then we must get to know our neighbors.  

...And take a hike up the mountainside....frolicking in nature!
These girls are like goats bounding up the mountain.

Sydney was working on her bouldering skills, while mom & dad held their breath.  She made it.

Asia finds beauty wherever she goes.
A little family photo by the tiny waterfall.  Awww....precious.

...and Justin makes a friend.  Even though he isn't smiling, he's very happy.

Kebabs & baked potatoes for dinner!

Staying warm inside the yurt by the tiny fire/stove. 
It rained for about 12 hours straight!!
sleeping bag silliness

 three girls in the rain
The next morning - after a cozy nights' sleep!

Sydney holding a worm for the first time ever.

Bless you Kazakh friends for your wonderful hospitality and the use of your humble abode.
we love yurts!