turtle buddies

We went to the fish market today in hopes of finding some tadpoles (to observe them grow into frogs!), but instead we came home with 3 baby turtles!  Yes, I am a sucker for having pets in our house - I know they require work, but they are so educational!  I have no idea how long they will last....

...but three little girls were very excited to add some turtles to our clan.  Asia chose out three special blue rocks, Sydney is holding the turtle food, and Eden is holding the 3 baby turtles.  Let's pray they survive.**

Here are the turtles at the Pet Shop area before we took them home : in a tiny tank climbing all over each other.  This can't be sanitary.  I am pretty sure turtles carry diseases too, right?  They are so cute though.

all three at home getting their first soak & bath & scrub by the mom.

this is Mary.

this is Henry, sitting on a piece of cabbage.
Mary, swimming by the filter.  She loves the bubbles.

all three together : Mary, Henry & BB.  BB stands for "blue back" and he/she is quite camera shy.  BB is an incredible swimmer though.  

Eden loves to watch her turtle.  This is where we got the idea to try "planking"

such fun turtle buddies.  

Mary loves to dive down deep.

**Henry died a few weeks later.  He was too little and definitely not thriving.  He must have come home already sick.  We replaced him with Joseph, who also died soon after.  Now we just have Mary & BB - who are doing ok.  I wish it weren't so hard to keep animals alive out here.  The girls are still enjoying them, even with two dying.  Mom is not really enjoying cleaning the tank though.  All for the love of animals, and JOY of our kids!!  :)