yippee for FREE events with friends!

I have been working on this post for WAY too long, and even made a fun video of pictures, since I have so many that I want to post. But for some reason, blogger will not upload my little montage of picts. Oh well!!

Here is one glorious day - filled with lots of friends, and lots of FREE things! Two of my favorite things!! ....thanks to a wonderful homeschool blog that I follow - I found out about a FREE day at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. I somehow registered & got 5 free tickets within the 24 hour window! I remember going here as a little girl, but it has been renovated/upgraded and is so beautiful! We made a day of the trip to San Jose with wonderful friends & Jamma too!!

The kids had so much fun on the carousel, the roller coaster, the petting zoo and climbing & sliding everywhere!! Sydney wanted to pet every goat and give them all hugs. E&S wanted to ride the roller coaster over & over & over. Their squeals of joy were priceless, and they were so brave!!

There were tons of climbing structures & slides galore. The kids had endless energy to spend chasing each other around the park. I got a work out trying to keep up with them!!

Also, there were lots of kiddo rides - cars, bugs, swings & scooter races that made the excitement even greater. How many kids can you squish into this tiny coupe??

Landon & Asia-bug!!We had such a special day with these beloved friends!!

And yet, our day was still going....we had planned to meet more friends at the San Jose Museum of Art for a FREE tour of the gallery! (and dinner @ The Spaghetti Factory) The girls had been asking to see their special buddies (N&A) for awhile!
The Art gallery was so quiet and calm, and there were so many exhibits to amaze us & learn from. We really loved the Kids Art Packets to inspire creativity! We just plopped ourselves down to admire some art, and write poetry about our favorite paintings. I was inspired by the girls' insights and ability to appreciate art in their own unique way! I am in awe of the special friends that we are surrounded by, and so very thankful. (notice the large Trojan Horse in the background - Asia was so excited to see a small replica made from paper!)

We adore these sweet & spunky red-heads!!
We love you B-fam!!