we miss you daddy: 15 days/15 photos!

Daddy has been gone on a business trip for the last 15 days. This is the longest we have all been in two different places and we've missed him like crazy! We sent him a picture/highlight of each day that he was gone, just to include him in our daily joy. The girls had so much fun deciding when/where to take a picture for daddy, and they smiled extra big since they knew he would smiling be on the other end. This was such a FUN project for all of us!

Day one : driftwood castles on the beach!

Day two : pajama party & crafts

Day three : sand & pine cone picnic with friends
Day four : found a nest! ...picnic outside in the garden!

Day five : two-for-Tuesday @ froyo in SC! (the girls were so excited!)

Day six : fun night with little buddies - Sydney really wanted daddy to see her skinned knee.

Day seven : special breakfast together....

Day eight : park adventures with sweet friends

Day nine : do you remember this place??
This is where I walked down the aisle on our wedding day 9+ years ago!

Day ten : sandy girls! yes, Asia is loving the sand and she is holding part of a dead crab!
Day eleven : a pile of kiddos - the McCarlson's!
Day twelve : peaceful walks with Nana
Day thirteen : Poppa on the puppets = 6 delighted girls!

Day fourteen : bouncing in Poppa's truck

Day fifteen : hugs at the airport (poor daddy is so tired from travel) ...but mommy is so overjoyed!!