Sydney is THREE!!

Five months ago Sydney began counting down to her 3rd birthday. She has been waiting a L O N G time for this day! She expressly told me that she wanted a "Love Puppy" birthday party....so mom had to get creative. What is a 'Love Puppy' you ask? ...aka Sydney! She has given herself the nickname - and it has stuck! ...and Sydney loves people - so we invited all the youngsters we could find to share in her big day. Here she is modeling how to feed the Love Puppy.

The kids colored pictures of puppies, fed the puppy a bone, and ate puppy cupcakes. Are you sensing a theme? Sydney was such a HAM the entire party - making silly faces and giving lots of hugs. She soaked in all the attention!

I look at our little girl - and am amazed at how mature & verbal & animated & outgoing she is for a three-year-old! She is still very petite, so she still seems young (tiny) to me! This year she learned to use the potty on her own, get dressed on her own, sing new songs alone, stop taking naps!!, and so many new things. How quickly kids want to be independent/grown-up and branch out on their own! She still loves to snuggle, ride on our backs, play 'the baby' in every game, pet animals outside, go to the market with mom, smile at new friends, all things 'puppy', and dance with her sisters! Each of our daughters are so different, and they teach me a new facet of Dad's character, refining me and pushing me to love Him more! Thank you Sydney for teaching me to rest, to pretend, to laugh & giggle, to sing aloud and spin in circles....and be more outgoing too!! We love you so!!

Here are some more pictures of her special day as queen:

You are so loved little one!!