mellow times

In the afternoon, we attempt to have a mellow time while little Sydney takes a nap, and mom gets some down-time too. Our mornings are quite full with homeschooling, chores, friends to visit, baking, lunch and all the normal to-do’s. By the time lunch is done – mom is also ready for some mellow time! If I plan my day right – I will have some quiet activities for A&E to engage in while I escape to read or put my feet up for a bit (I am starting to sound kinda old, huh?).

Their most favorite activity these days is to plan a Tea Party for two. They set up a small table with tiny stools or pillows for chairs, and get the table ready themselves. I let them use my little China teapot & cups – complete with a bowl of rock sugar to sweeten the tea. They choose a mix of tea leaves/flowers – and even make their own concoction of Chinese tea (decaf!). We also have bowls of fruit and nuts to compliment the party. Other days they will pile up pillows and blankets to create a soft nook in the corner and read stories. Asia has been so intense about reading – and Eden is always asking her to read more!

They also love to bead necklaces, draw pictures, mold with play dough, build forts with blankets, or master a new puzzle. These are all great quiet activities that help mom stay sane. I love the stage they are both in – and how wonderfully they get along. How long does this last??