Ice Mountain Creamery - Grand opening!

We opened our shop today and began selling ice cream out of the front windows, on Children’s Day! We had hoped to open earlier, but things never really happen how we expect out here. Of course, Children’s Day is a wonderful day to launch an ice cream business – and there were lots of people outside wanting a sweet treat!! Both Justin & Raj were at the shop scooping cones, which easily draws a crowd too. Who doesn’t want to be served ice cream by a white foreigner and have a chance to practice your English? We really underestimated the crowds – and almost ran out of ice cream the first day! Students crowded around the little window asking “which flavor is best?” and all ordering “strawberry” since the person before them got it. There is a ‘follow the crowd’ mentality that runs strong – even when choosing your ice cream. We will have to figure out the supply & demand aspect of running a shop in this big city – but we are amazed that there was such an overwhelming response! We hope it continues!!