Squid turns TWO!!

Today, Sydney learned to hold her fingers like this:

She enjoyed the happy birthday song, the yummy frosting on her cupcake and being surrounded by all these special friends. Thanks to everyone who shared in this special celebration (most of our birthdays are spent overseas) and gave such sweet & thoughtful gifts. Thanks to Corban, Bella & Myles for finally busting open the pinata!! I guess I added one-too-many layers of paper mache!

The warm weather held out for another weekend, tho the shade was a bit chilly. Sydney learned to swing a bat, tear open wrapping paper, and blow out her candle. She wasn't so skilled in these "normal" party skills. Those things come with maturity.

Her face was priceless when she opened her baby doll. There's something innate about little girls and their baby dolls. She held the baby tight the rest of the day like a sweet little momma. Yes, baby-doll replaced panda bear. Just for today tho.

McNabb girls & Namba boys (ages 5, 3 & 2!)