building confidence & esteem

I have heard that age 5 is an important step in building your understanding of WHO you are, and making huge choices about WHO you want to become. Its a fragile yet powerful time of growing up. Monumental opportunities arise for kids to gain confidence and find meaningful relationships that can shape them deeply. Bear with me as I process all that I am figuring out....

As I watched the girls interact with a group of American kids at Little Gym, I was amused & intrigued by their reservedness and yet curiosity to experiment within this context & their unique ideas. This was a wonderful chance for them to follow directions in a group, watch other kids speak up, and coordinate activities as one group. Now, this may sound silly - but when you grow up in a foreign place, there are few chances to interact like this. Asia was very social, interacting with friends and trying every apparatus. Eden drew back, watching intently - gaining confidence with each new achievement. She was so observant, but extremely giddy as she attempted new feats. Sometimes she could hardly contain her thrill, as she tried new things! Sydney clung to momma for comfort, but surprised us as she bounded across the inflatable bouncy thing - without a care!! I think she forgot she was barely 20 pounds amongst the big kids. The entire event was hilarious to watch, but I am learning so much about my girls. I love that they had this opportunity to explore gymnastics, creative movement, tumbling and hanging on bars like this!! ...especially while surrounded by such quality children! Thanks Bridgen clan for the amazing gift!!