parties galore...

What a weekend of parties & feasting! We had so much fun visiting friends' homes to share meals & fellowship. Here are a few shots of us visiting with local friends over the Eid holiday. Uyghur's call Eid - ROSA! We aren't sure of the exact translation, but its the same Eid that is celebrated across the globe in Islamic culture. It is very common to go from one home to another, with full spreads of food, snacks & sweets at each home. It was amazing, and the hospitality was incredible. We weren't allowed to visit, until the men had returned from the Mosque, which marks the beginning of the celebrations!
This is a typical Uyghur family home, complete with carpets on the wall, lacey curtains, white doilies on the furniture, low tables and platters of food! The mound of noodles/bread you see on the table is a common Uyghur treat called "Sangzi" and the kids love it! I have never seen so much piled that high though! We didn't eat that much either!!

Here is one of my fave pictures - A'pa with five little American girls! She has worked for us for 7 months now, and this other family for over 4 years! She is a sweet gift to our families, and the kids adore her! Anyhow, happy Rosa-Eid!!