heaps of thanks

This week I became especially grateful for 2 things that I'd love to share with you.

#1) A Canadian woman here began a small Library for children & parents in our city. She has collected books, magazines, videos, games, flash cards, and much more -- and organized it all in her tiny office in her apartment. Its free to "check out" anything, and she has even included the pocket in the back of each book, with a card for kids to fill out. We went this week and checked out 7 exciting library books. This is one thing I have deeply missed being in a foreign land, as we truly loved visiting the library last winter in CA. I have often thought of creating something similar here for the foreign community, but it takes such a huge collection that we do not have. Anyhow - if people would be interested in donating any used books to this cause, please let me know. Finding quality reading material in this country can be challenging. Media Mail is relatively cheap to send globally.

#2) A family from Wisconsin has been opening their home twice a month (for awhile now) to have a "Kid's Club" for ages 4-11. Now that Asia is old enough, she was invited to attend! We have gone for 1 month now, and she LOVES it. You wouldn't know, since she is quite reserved and quiet in a group setting, but deep inside she loves watching (and sometimes participating) in the lively games, the story-time & crafts...and just being around kids that speak her native tongue. Last night she came home to share all the details with Eden, and we just were amazed to see all that she is taking in, and able to teach it to others! That is a wonderful gift.

I am so grateful for the way these people think of others, and make life more rich for our family. I am challenged to creatively think of ways I can do things like this for others too.