crossing the street 101

Does anyone remember playing this game?? FROGGER is very similar to crossing the street here in China. You take one lane at a time, and dodge cars, trucks, buses, etc….avoiding being squashed before reaching the safety of your beloved lily-pad. Anyhow, we wanted to share a few tips we have learned while crossing the streets in our land.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings in all directions – peripheral vision is key! Cars do NOT stop for pedestrians, and they will honk like crazy to get you out of their way. Always be on the defensive, and be sure of your movements. Second guessing your steps can be dangerous.
  • Cross with other locals, and follow their lead. Move with them, as they know the ways of the road. Stick with the seasoned locals.
  • Don’t cross just because you have a green light. Signals are merely suggestions, and you need to be aware of cars coming in every direction. Even within a “crosswalk” you have to navigate thru bicyclists, drivers, pedestrians and people running a red light.
  • If you have to, cross one lane at a time: hanging out in the center of the road is acceptable and normal. You will need to get used to being close to oncoming cars/buses, and avoid vehicles with confidence. Always know where you are headed, and don’t change at the last second. Nervous or hesitant pedestrians are unpredictable, which makes drivers unable to guess their direction. Drivers will attempt to avoid people, and speed up/slow down according to the open road in front of them…
  • You are not safe just because you are on the sidewalk. Cars & taxis can drive anywhere. We hold our kids hands wherever we go, and they are getting good at staying close!

In the end, get used to lots of honking, a new awareness of your surroundings, and taking each step with confidence. You’ll do fine, and maybe get a higher score on Frogger next time too. Here's a bonus: a free remake of the old game, that you can download and play at home...