Asia and I made ice cream (bingqilin = 冰其林) today! ....but before that.....we went to a new open Market, complete with veggies, fruits, fish, meat, spices, nuts and many other goodies. We asked around, and finally found what I had been searching for -- a big bag of rock salt!! I also found some corn kernels to make popcorn (yumihua = 玉米花), and some of the first grapes (putao = 葡萄) of the season. It was fun to take her with me and teach her about the market. Each stall features some assortment of goods, stored in boxes, crates or sacks. They are shaded by canvas or plastic to provide some relief from the heat, while the shopkeepers nap on the ground or cots. It reminds me of the flea market, but more third world. :) Asia got heaps of attention as we meandered through each aisle of the Market, which isn't her favorite aspect. Lots of people reached out to touch her blonde hair, or make comments about her white skin and blue eyes. We have a new game -- to see if we can get them to smile at us. Its not as easy as you'd imagine!

The ice cream was the motivation she needed to find what we were seeking, and get back home!! It only took about 10 minutes to make, and its gluten free! Here's a picture of her enjoying the delectable dessert. YUM!

p.s. We finished another semester of Mandarin!!