our first Ice Cream Cakes.

Two foreign friends requested some ice cream cakes for their big 40th birthdays! We haven't attempted to make these (to sell) yet, since we aren't really set up for baking, etc. Instead we prepared the cakes at home, and frosted/decorated them ourselves - with Ice Mountain ice cream inside! These two cakes have 2 layers of cake, with a middle layer of coffee ice cream, and almond ice cream. They are frosted with whipping cream. It's not that hard to make!!

This is my friend S - who is a master baker and incredible with all desserts!
She frosted them, right inside our freezer trays! (we have tiny freezers!)

How ironic that our first two cakes are in two different languages - Papiamento and Spanish! (not Chinese, English or a Central Asian language!) I wonder what language will be next?

*the cake on the right was made without artificial colors and sweeteners, because of an allergy. It was fun to color the frosting with natural blueberries - so our friend could eat it. You learn something new everyday!