is this normal???

When you live in a city that is surrounded by concrete and is over 3000 km from the nearest ocean, there are bound to be some quirks. I guess I haven't really noticed them until we set foot on the beach in southern Thailand. Yes, that is where we are taking some much-needed vacation time with our family of five. It has been glorious. There are beautiful blue skies above us, and a salty ocean breeze that is so refreshing. If it weren’t for these three small things:

The place we have been staying has massive, sprawling green lawns that go on forever. They seem like they are greener than I remember grass being. You can walk and play on these lawns!! At most parks in China, the grass is forbidden to walk on. And because this is a “new” sensation of having prickly (or soft, depending on your perspective!) grass underfoot, the girls are a bit wary. Well…they pretty much abhor the thought of walking on it. Justin has been spending time each day getting the girls used to the feeling of the grass by walking barefoot on it…even though they whine most of the way. Exposure, right?? But the main reason they aren’t fond of the grass is...

Ants in Thailand come in various sizes. The large black ones look like small beetles, AND they bite hard! Asia distinctly remembers being bit by a Thai-black-ant TWO years ago – and she will point to the exact place on her arm. She remembers, and she equates Thailand with Black ant bites. Thus, the major fear.
Sand that is so soft, you could just sleep on the beach. The girls don’t like when it sticks to anything, or the scratchy feeling when it dries. They think it’s too hot, too sticky, too scratchy, you name it. They have an excuse why they don’t want to go to the beach. I am not sure what to do with these gals. They are not from California!!

Are these normal occurrences for children under 7?? Of course we give them time to adjust…but we never imagined these would be the quirks that would surface. …and don’t get me started on the cute hermit crabs. (pray for sanity)